Engage Now Africa (ENA) Invites Bidders for the Construction of Civil Works of Sardo Rural Water Supply Project

Bid No ENA RWSCW 02/2019

1) Engage Now Africa (ENA), an international NGO headed at Bishoftu Town Ada’a district, has secured budget from donors to cover eligible payment under the contract for the construction of civil works of Sardo rural water Supply Project on borehole source located in Fast Showa zone of Ada’a district.

2) Bidding is open to all eligible bidders non-black listed, those having a construction license of WWC-6 and above renewed for 2011 EC and those currently registered at Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity or Oromia Energy Bureau or Offices or Oromia Construction Authority or offices.

Moreover, registration for VAT and Tax Identification Number (TIN) together with current tax clearance certificate from the authorized government office is compulsory for registration.

3) A complete set of bidding document shall be obtained from Engage Now Africa (ENA) head office located at Bishoftu Town Kebele 2 around Gomma Zaf Area (Tele 0118489100) during working hours upon fulfilling or  necessary criteria and only one document is allowed to collect Per bidder

4) The bid shall be submitted in four wax-sealed documents properly marking the inner envelopes as Technical “One-ORIGINAL” and “one-Copy”, Financial “One- ORIGINAL” and “one-Copy” each of them packed alone and then the ORIGINAL and COPY of technical document sealed in one envelope while the ORIGINAL and COPY of Financial document similarly sealed in another one envelope: all wax-sealed envelopes are then packed in one wax-sealed main envelope. The minimum requirement for the bid document shall be neat, clear, paged, stamped and signed by the bidder.

5) Summary of major activities for the project are indicated in the following table

NO Description of the work Unit Quantity
1 Construction of 100m3 (Sandwiched masonry Tanker) No 01
2 Construction of Cattle trough No 01
3 Construction of water points No 03
4 Construction of generator house No 01
5 Construction of gulley crossings No 10
6 Construction of Anchor blocks No 20
7 Construction of Valve chamber No 04
8 Pipes with fittings: Supply & transportation to the project site No 1950
9 Installation of 1.5 inches to 4-inch size GS pipes and fittings No 1950

6) Bids shall be valid for a period of one hundred forty-eight days (148 days) after Bid opening

7) The bid must be accompanied with a bid security of 2% of the total bid price which normally includes 15% VAT and must be only in the form of Certified Payment Order (CPO) which will be kept in its own envelope which addressed to Engage Now Africa (ENA) and should be submitted in the ORIGINAL FINANCIAL envelope. Bid bond in any other form shall not be accepted

8) All bids (Both technical and financial) must be deposited at ENA in the tender box prepared for this purpose on or before 2:00 PM just on the 22nd calendar days of the bid starting from the date of announcement on newspaper and will be opened on the 22nd calendar day (if holly day, the next working day) in the presence of bidders or legal representatives who wish to attend, on the same day at 2:30 PM.

9) The financial document will be opened first and then the wax sealed and the correctly addressed technical offer document will be opened and evaluated by the technical committee to be assigned by Engage Nov Africa (ENA)after completion of financial document evaluation.

10) The results of both financial and technical evaluation details will be posted and informed to all bidders.

11) Completion time for the construction work shall be 120 calendar days for all activities in the contract.

12) Failure to comply with any of the conditions indicated in the ITB above and must meet criteria in the bid document will result in an automatic rejection

13) ENA reserves the right to reject or accept the bid partially or fully.
Engage Now Africa (ENA), Bishoftu (Tel 0118439100)