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Edukans Foundation Is Inviting a Qualified Consultancy Firm on a Competitive Basis in Accordance with the Terms and Conditions Outlined in the Terms of Reference Prepared for this Consultancy Service


Edukans Foundation Ethiopia is issuing this Bid for external evaluation of Stemming Irregular Migration in North and Central Ethiopia (SINCE) under the project title “Linking and upscaling for employment” in North Wollo, South Wollo, and Oromo Special zone of Amhara National Regional State. 

Edukans Foundation Linking and Upscaling for Employment Project (SINCE Amhara) 

Edukans Foundation is an international NGO that is based in the Netherlands. We specialize in providing marginalized children and youth around the world with basic education and vocational training. We focus on four key themes: quality primary education, youth at work, education in emergencies, and equal opportunities for boys and girls. The Amhara SINCE proposal has been developed by a consortium of Dutch, Italian, and Ethiopian actors combing expertise in strengthening TVETS, enhancing training and employment services, decent work knowledge, management/sector development, and strengthening Public-Private Partnerships. 

Edukans Foundation is inviting a qualified consultancy firm on a competitive basis in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the Terms of Reference prepared for this consultancy service 

The overall objective of the end-line evaluation is to assess the contribution of the project in the reduction of irregular migration from the target areas by improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable population including potential Irregular migrants in the age group of 15-30 returnees with a specific focus on youth and women. 

Specifically, the evaluation needs to address the following specific objectives: 

  • To assess the extent to which the project managed to achieve the desired outcomes as measured against a set of indicators disaggregated by the target groups (Sex, age, irregular migrants, returnees, value chain) as per approved log frame
  • To assess the actual benefits achieved and the number of youth, women, and returnees who benefited
  • To collect and analyze data to determine if and by what percentage an intervention achieved its intended outcomes
  • Draw best practices and learnings from the project that will help future planning of similar projects. 

Job Requirement 

  • Minimum 5 years of hands-on experience in conducting Evaluations for development programs in Ethiopian context Particularly to the project geographic areas.
  • Excellent understanding of skills development, employment, TVETs, and Small-scale micro-enterprise, Public employment service
  • The proven track record on quantitative and qualitative data collection tools and analysis and participatory approaches
  • Previous experience in conducting similar project evaluation Proven capacity to supervise and coordinate all administrative and technical aspects of the consultancy. 

BID Requirement 

  • Detail requirements of the evaluation are provided in a bid document that should be signed, stamped, and returned as part of bid requirements together with bidder’s document.
  • Both the original and copy of technical and financial proposals should be in a separate sealed and stamped envelope by writing the name of the specific assignment
  • Copies of legal documents including renewed business license and TIN Certificate should be submitted with the financial and technical proposal.
  • All interested and eligible bidders can obtain the bid documents from Edukans HQ at the address given below during office working hours starting from 6th August 2020.
  • All Interested bidders should return the bid documents to Edukans HQ by August 14th, 2020 close of the business day. 
  • A bid shall be opened at 10:00 AM on the 17th of August 2020 in the presence of bidders or duly authorized representatives who wish to attend All submissions shall be in hard copy. Soft copy submission will not be accepted
  • Edukans reserves the right to change or cancel the bid process partially or as whole 

For technical questions about the content of the tender, call +251-920-499092. 

For questions on our office location and collecting Tor, call: +251-935-600893. 


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