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Eastern Development Initiative We Would Like To Invite Interested Audit Firms To Participate in a Competitive Bid Process for Conducting External Audits for Our Office for Each of the Coming Three Years (2020 To 2022)

Call for External Audit Service

Eastern development initiative is an Ethiopian Resident Charity working for the fullest realization of social, cultural, and economic inclusion and development of women, girls, and the youth through researching, trainings, organizing sensitization forums, provision of skills development and capacity building opportunities in close collaboration with governmental and civil society institutions working on Education, health, environment, Human rights and poverty eradication on the basis of the country’s long-term development plan.

We would like to invite interested audit firms to participate in a competitive bid process for conducting external audits for our office for each of the coming three years (2020 to 2022).

  • Eligible audit firms must be able to produce the following:
  • A certificate of competence from the office of Auditor General (OFAG),
  • A renewed business license,
  • A TIN number certificate and a VAT registration certificate, if applicable,
  • A concise profile of the audit firm with the CVs of key professionals attached,

Interested audit firms can get the detail information from our office. Please submit separate technical and financial proposals in different sealed envelopes within Seven days consecutive working days starting from the date of this post.

Contact information:

Eastern Development Initiative /EDI /

Phone: +254 112950,

Mobile: +251 915 734963, +251 915 734944


Address: Head Office located at

Sabyne area, kebele 02, Dire Mole building, Second floor, Office No. 08, 3013 Dire Dawa