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East Wollega Zone Nekemte Seeks Consultancy Service Providers for the Provision of Advisory Service To Gibe Dedesa Farmers’ Cooperative Union Limited To Establish Maize Flour Factory

Invitation for Rebidding

Bid No9593/13

Terms of Reference for a consultancy service providers for provision of advisory service to Gibe Dedesa farmers’ cooperative union limited to establish Maize flour factory

The consultant should fulfill the requirements:

  1. The consultant should have a legal license for consultancy service.
  2. The consultant should have a renewed business license for the current 2013 Ethiopia calendar.
  3. The consultant should be registered with the Ethiopian tax authority and should produce valid documents including VAT, TIN, Tax clearance, and registration certificate.
  4. The consultant should have proven experience and skill in advising the establishment of Maize flour, pasta, macaroni, and biscuit (food complex) factory or similar venture.
  5. Previous working experience with farmers’ organizations, cooperatives, and the union is an advantage.
  6. Documented evidence of similar works and references for work.
  7. Bidding documents purchased from Gibe Dedesa farmers’ cooperative union office finance department. For a non-refundable fee of birr 50 at working hours.
  8.  Bids must be accompanied by a bid security amounting 2% of the total amount in the form of CPO or Unconditional Bank guarantee and shall be delivered To “Gibe dedesa farmers “cooperative union”.
  9. Interested applicants should submit two separate sealed documents that include a technical proposal, curriculum vitae of the proposed professional (s) with supporting documentation. The second document should include financial requirements.
  10. Technical qualification document shall be prepared in one original and one copies in a properly signed, stamped and separately wax -sealed in one single envelope, clearly making” original and copy,
  11. The financial document shall be prepared in One  Original and one copies. The Original & the copies shall be signed, stamped and separately wax-sealed in one single envelope clearly making “Original” and copy
  12. Both the technical and financial documents shall be submitted to single envelope and addressed to “Gibe Dedesa Farmers’ cooperative union” before the  deadline for bid submission
  13. Submission & Opening of a bid will be at Gibe dedesa farmers’ cooperative union office
  • a. The deadline of bid submission (both qualification and financial offers) shall be at 9:00 AM on the 10th day from the first announcement date of the calendar day. Let bids shall be automatically rejected.
  • b. The qualification document will be opened at 9:30 Am on the same date of bid submission,
  • c. If the bid opening day on Saturday, Sunday, or holiday the bid opening day post pond on the next working day

14. The Gibe dedesa farmers’ cooperative union reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.



East Wollega Zone