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Dorcas Aid Ethiopia (DAE) Invite FOR WATER FILTER SUPPLY



Dorcas Aid Ethiopia (DAE) is an International Non Governmental Organization which implements Relief and Development projects in the country for over 20 years now. Currently, DAE has implementing emergency project in Moyale District of Borena Zone the southernmost district of the Oromia region One of the aims of the project is to supply water purifying equipment to the targeted community. For this purpose, the organization wants to purchase 160 Water Filter Kit one with Bucket made that can be used at household level. 

water filter specifications: 

  • Parasites (protozoa) removal >99% 
  • Bacteria removal >99.995% 
  • Meets WHO standards for Household Water Treatment terms of turbidity removal 
  • Removes bad taste 
  • Flow rate of over 3 liters per hour 
  • Lifespan 7,000 liters of safe and clean drinking water 
  • Conserves clean, filtered water 
  • Easy to use and to clean for anyone 
  • Affordable and effective 
  • Replacement filter available for affordable price 
  • No energy source needed, no extra running costs, candle type portable filter runs on gravity 

Therefore, all interested bidders who have renewed business license for supplying Water Filter, are invited to participate in this bid. 

  1. All bids Should be submitted on or before Sep 14, 2020 3.00PM at Dorcas Aid Ethiopia Addis Ababa 
  2. The bid should be submitted wax sealed and deposited at Dorcas Office 
  3. Bidders should include TIN & VAT certificates 
  4. Please attach the certification of the filter from Ethiopian conformity assessment enterprise 
  5. Please attach recommendations from those whom you are working 
  6. The financial offer will be opened in the presence of bidders or their representative who choose to attend on Sep 15, 2020, at Addis Ababa Dorcas head office @10:00 Am. 
  7. Failure to comply any of the conditions stated above and late submission shall result in automatic rejection. 
  8. DAE reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. 

Accordingly, you are required to submit your response to the bid to Dorcas office, Bole Sub City, Woreda 3,House No. 1547, P.O.Box 8989, Tel. 251-011-6613710, around Imperial Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.