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Dire Dawa Administration Health Bureau Invites Sealed Bids from Eligible Bidders for the Provision of Design of Modern B+G+3 Hospital Building

Invitation to Bid Notice (NCB)

Dire Dawa Administration Health Bureau

Proc. Ref/No: DDA/HB/PC-01/2013


  1. The Dire Dawa Administration Health Bureau has funds within the Employers budget to be used for the procurement of Mental Health Rehabilitation facility Located at Dire Dawa
  2. The Dire Dawa Administration Health Bureau invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the provision of Design of Modern B+G+3 Hospital Building,
  3. A complete set of Bidding Document in English may he purchased by Any Interested Eligible Bidder on The Submission of A Written to the DDA Health Bureau Room No up on Payment Of Non-refundable fee of 200(Two Hundred Birr).
  4. Bidding Will Be Conducted In Accordance with open National Tendering Procedures Contained in The Public Procurement Proclamation of the Federal Goverment of Ethiopian and is open to All Bidders.
  5. Interested Eligible Bidders may Obtain Further Information from Dire Dawa Administration Health Bureau and Inspect the Bidding Documents at the Address Given Below from 7:30-12:00 AM & 2:005:30 PM Local time
  6. Bids must be delivered to the address below at 7(a) At 3:00AM Local Time on the 30th Date from the date of Announcement. Late bids shall be rejected. Bid will be opened in the presence the bidders.’ representatives who choose to attend at the address below at 7(b) At the same date of submission at 3:30 AM Local time.

        7. a) Address Bid must be delivered to dire Dawa Administration Health Bureau

           b) Address of bid Opening Dire Dawa Administration Health Bureau

8. Bids shall he valid for a period of 90 Days After Bid Opening And All Bids must Be Accompanied by a Bid Security 50,000(Fifty Thousand Birr) in the form CPO or an unconditional Bank Guarantee.

9. Interested Bidders will be Requested To Offer One Original And Two Copies of their Technical And Financial proposal to be provided.

10. Intended Completion Date For the whole of the works shall be 90 Calander Days

11 The Employer Reserves The Right to Reject Any or All Bids

Telephone No 251-111-23-20

Fax No.025-1-11-4257

Part No:1377

Dire Dawa Administration

Health Bureau