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Development Expertise Centre (DEC) Invites Bidders for the Supply Printing of Curriculum Frame Work, Job Profile, Teacher Guide, Different Value Chains Training Module, 7-steps Module, Pedagogical and Didactical Skills Module, Vision Development Training Module, Best Practice Document Printing

Invitation to Tender

Development Expertise Centre (DEC), is an Ethiopian Residents Charity Organization founded in 2007 with the objective of contributing towards the national development efforts through integrated, decentralized, and sustainable program interventions. It has been re-registered in May 2019 as per the new civil society organization Proclamation by the Ethiopian government bearing a registration number of 0009. DEC has a long-term experience in Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, Child Development, Advocacy on local Accountability and Protection of Environments, and Natural Recourse. To reach the larger community of Ethiopia,

DEC is working on three major programs such as Child Development, Skills & Entrepreneurship Development, and Gender & Life Skills Development programs. And it has a long term ample experience on implementation of technical and vocational skills training for livelihood diversification, capacitating TVET institutions to provide quality market-relevant skills training for job seekers and DEC has ground experience on establishment and promotion of cooperatives, business development support and market chain facilitation between cooperatives and end users/buyers.









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Printing of curriculum framework, job profile, teacher guide, different value chains training module, 7-steps module, pedagogical and didactical skills module, Vision development training module, Best practice document printing


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Interested eligible bidders are expected to fulfill the  requirements stated below;

Bidders should:

  • Have a valid and renewed license for the fiscal year, taxpayer registration certificate
  • Indicate whether the stated price includes VAT/TOT or not
  • Indicate the number of days needed to supply the materials to the DEC office Addis Ababa office

DEC reserves the right to cancel/reject part or all of the bids unconditionally upon getting any other options.

Development Expertise Center

Located at the intersection of Adwa-Megenagna and SholaLem Hotel Roads

 Bole Sub City Woreda 08, Ketena 6

Tel. +251-0116189184/85 Addis Ababa – Ethiopia

Tender document can be submitted to DEC Addis Ababa office starting from 12th August 2020

The deadline for submission of tenders is at 5:00 PM on 17th August 2020