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Dashen Wants To Invite Interested Bidder Having the Required Qualification, Related and Relevant Work Experience with Legible Trade and Professional License To Undertake the Bid Requirements Stated in the Bid Document Scope of Works Are Employee Data Base, HR /Organization/Employee Master Data Setup. Talent Acquisition and Management, Capability Development, Payroll System, Leave and Attendance Management and System Integration and Interface with Existing ERP System



No. 0010/2020



Dashen Breweries S.C, a renowned Ethiopian beer factory owned and operated by TIRET corporate and Duet Vasari Beverages African Limited, envisaged to be Ethiopia’s best Brewing Company that can delight Consumers, enrich Communities and enhance Ethiopian’s Progress

As part of HR strategic Direction to transform HR’s current operation and to deliver the HR needs of the company, new HR system is required in order to contribute and support Dashen’s goal and purpose Dashen wants to invite interested bidder having the required qualification, related and relevant work experience with legible trade and professional license to undertake the bid requirements stated in the bid document Scope of works are Employee Data Base, HR /Organization/Employee Master Data setup. Talent Acquisition and Management, Capability Development, Payroll System, Leave and attendance management and System integration and Interface with existing ERP system.

Bidders are required to take the tender document after paying Nonreturnable ETB 500 Birr

Interested bidder should buy tender document up to 15 working days after release on newspaper.

Bid closing date 15th day at 4:00 and will open 4:30 Local time

Dashen has the right to cancel partially or full


22 Area Near to Duty free

In front of Meklit building

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