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DanChurch Aid Through Funding Mechanism from BPRM Has Been Implementing a One-year Food Security and Livelihoods Project in Three South Sudanese Refugee Camps in Gambella Region and Itong Woreda

External Evaluation of Food and Livelihood 

Improvement for South Sudanese Refugees and Host Communities in Gambella 

Tender reference No: NOT/2020/012 

DanChurchAid through funding mechanism from BPRM has been implementing a one-year food security and livelihood project in three South Sudanese Refugee Camps in Gambella region and itong woreda. The project was implemented with the objective of enhancing the food security of South Sudanese refugees through the provision of complementary food assistance using the fresh foods e-voucher and by introducing small-scale backyard gardening practices. Under the livelihoods component, the project was aimed at improving the skill and resource base of refugees and host communities to increase their income and diversify livelihoods options. 

In doing its assignment DCA would like to invite Consultancy Firms to conduct External Final Evaluation of Food & Livelihood Improvement for South Sudanese Refugees for the project in Gambela Therefore, interested bidders are invited to collect TOR and submit their sealed quotations to the DCA Ethiopia office as per the address stated below. 

Special Conditions/Requirements:

  • Company Profile of the Audit firm is required
  • The firm should include copies of Valid TIN,
  • Copy of VAT registered certificate
  • Copy of renewed trade license for Ethiopian FY 2012/2013. The licence should be related to the assignment otherwise ground for rejection
  • The offered prices shall be quoted in Ethiopian Birr (ETB). Failure to meet one of the eligibility criteria like registration license, VAT will be a ground for rejection.
  • Interested bidders may have any question regarding this tender should send their queries in writing through email to smt.ethiopia@ On or before October 7th, 2020 on or before COB/5:30 PM copy to 
  • Late bid submission will not be acceptable, and it will lead to automatic rejection. NO BID Bond required.
  • Attaching a recommendation letter from other international organizations or similar sectors in similar business is recommended The bid document should be sealed in an envelope and stamped, the BID reference number NOT/2020/012 must be labeled on the outside of the two envelopes and Submitted to DAN CHURCH AID ADDIS ABABA OFFICE.
  • Received bid documents will be opened within a one-week period at the DCA Addis Ababa office.
  • Evaluation will be finalized within two weeks after the bid documents are opened.
  • The validity period of the bids should be at least 30 (thirty) days following the deadline of tender submission.
  • Successful bidders will be communicated by the office and will be issued a letter of award
  • Unsuccessful suppliers will also be communicated by the office through their email addresses and letters of regret will be sent to respective bidder/s.
  • Nominated consultants would need to fully agree with the clauses and articles stated in the draft agreement and confirm its acceptance by signature proper contractual agreement. The nominated Consultant should be willing to work with Dan church Aid that payment condition will be stated in the contract agreement.
  • The audit firm shall fulfill the minimum requirements stated in the TOR
  • Request for Proposal document and TOR can be collected during working hours starting from 29th September 2020 to the address stated below.
  • The deadline for submission of technical as well as financial proposals will be October 7th, 2020 before the closing of business (COB) 5:30 PM. 

DanChurchAid Ethiopia. Kirkos Sub City, Kebele 02, 

House No 174, Ethio China Road, in front of Tebaber Berta House. 

Tel. 0115-52-23-86 Addis Ababa 

DCA reserves the right to reject the bid entirely or partly for any reason.