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Dambi Dollo University Invites Interested and Eligible International Bidders for the Supply of 1+1 System of FM Transmitters at Dambi Dollo Sites and On-air Studio & Production Studio and Additional Accessories, Equipment & Services.

Call for International

Competitive Tender

Tender No – ICB-001/2020

Dambi Dollo University invites interested andeligible international bidders for the supply of 1+1 system of FM Transmitters at Dambi Dollo sites and on air studio & production studio; Additional Accessories, Equipment & Services. The system should be complete package with turnkey agreement with all required hardware and software system designed to perfection for FM Radio system. The design shall include FM transmitter and power system equipment. The design shall be completely compatible with all known international and industry standards. The bidder shall supply, install, test, and give training at factory and on-site.

  • The bidder shall be any company with known international experience of more than 20 years in FM Radio Transmitters hardware and software system. The bidder shall submit international certification documents and shall full fill all European and American standards for the equipment manufacturing of the industry.
  • The bid should be prepared in two separate envelopes technical and financial proposal. Photocopy of renewed license, eligibility documents and performance certificates should be submitted within the envelope of technical proposal.
  • Bidders can obtain bid documents from Dambi Dollo University liaison office found in front of USA Embassy around Shiro Meda on November 27, 2020 during office hours against payment of nonrefundable 200 ETB
  • Sealed bids marked as Supply of FM Transmitter , ON AIR Studio & accessories for Dambi Dollo University addressed to: Dambi Dollo University

Tel. +25111261243/+25157555329/+2519139089


Dambi Dollo-Ethiopia

Shall be submitted to: Dambi Dollo University

  • Bids should be accompanied by Bid security of 100,000 Ethiopian birr or equivalent currency in the form of CPO or bid bond bank guarantee.
  • Bids will be received at Dambi Dollo University liaison office found in front of USA Embassy around Shiro Meda February 02, 2021 until 10:00 AM & bidders should provide one original technical document, One original financial document, one copy for each technical & financial document. Bids received after closing time will be automatically rejected.
  • The technical proposal of Bids received in time and fulfilling the other formalities shall be opened in the presence of interested bidders as their representatives on February 02, 2021 at 10:30 A.M. at Dambi Dollo University liaison office. The financial proposal of bidders will be sealed at the presence of interested bidders. The financial proposal of bidders passed the technical evaluation will be opened after the technical evaluation is completed on the date announced by letter to the bidders. Dambi Dollo University reserves the right to reject all or part of the bid.

Dambi Dollo University