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Cordaid Invite To Consultant /technical Expert Will Develop a Detailed Concept Outlining His/her Understanding of the Assignment and the Intended Assessment Methodology

Terms of Reference (TOR) 

To Reassess the PCAS finding in SCORE Project 

1. Project Overview 

Cordaid in consortium with Trócaire with the financial supports the Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), under the EU Aid Volunteer initiative of the European Commission, is implementing the project entitled: “Strengthening the Capacity of Local Organizations to Respond Effectively in Emergencies (SCORE)” The main objective of the project is promoting a leading role for local actors in humanitarian response by strengthening the capacity of local CSOs to respond effectively to crises since 1″ January 2019. 

2. Purpose of the TOR 

The purpose of the assignment is to contract a consulting firm/team of experts to reassess the already conducted Partner Capacity Assessment & Support (PCAS) and provide recommendations for any gap found. 

3. Methodology 

The Consultant/technical expert will develop a detailed concept outlining his/her understanding of the assignment and the intended assessment methodology. Cordaid had conducted PCAS at the beginning of the project so it would be important to see how the findings have changed positively because of the assessment. The Consultant will verify the data from the previous PCAS through reviewing documents, interviewing key persons from the three target organizations, and organizing focus group discussions. 

4. Expected Outputs/Deliverables 

The Consultant will produce the reassessment report (no more than 15 pages, in Microsoft Word, using Arial font 12). The report is expected to include: 

An inside page which shows the project title, ID number, country, 

  • Partners name, name of the person compiling the reassessment report, 
  • Executive Summary (half a page maximum), 
  • Full reassessment report, 

5. Qualifications/experience required 

  • 1. At least a post-graduate degree in Social sciences, 
  • II. Strong work experience and understanding of organizational capacity assessment, 
  • III. Experience and knowledge of organizational development, 
  • IV. Proven experience in conducting assessments in Africa, particularly in Ethiopia. 
  • V. Excellent communication skills and mastery of written and spoken English, 
  • VI. Strong analytical, writing, and communication skills, 
  • VII. Ability to devote enough time to this assignment and meet deadlines, 
  • VIII. Having COVID 19 sensitive strategies to conduct the assignment, 
  • IX. A desirable experience will be knowledge of working with the Cordaid, Trócaire, and member of Caritas International. 

6. Application Process 

Interested candidates should submit proposals (both technical and financial) in-person to the Cordaid Office Logistics team around bole homes near to Genet Chefe grocery before or on October 19, 2020, at 4:00 pm. Interested applicants must request for full TOR with the subject “SCORE” to