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Clarification on UNICEF Tender FOR LRPS-2020-9157932


1.      Are assignments for the scope of this project planned to be implemented in parallel or following a GenU initial movement initiative logic?

Response -The service provider shall implement the Landscape Analysis as outlined in the ToR. Other GenU activities may be undertaken simultaneously, but without the service provider’s active involvement since it is not stated so in the ToR and section of Expected Deliverables.

2.       Could you provide us an approximate starting date for the project?

Response -The project should start as soon as evaluation is completed, and award is provided to vendor


3.       Can we put an expert in our list of consultants if he/she is already under contract with UNICEF?

Response -Yes, vendor should disclose if consultant is already working with UNICEF on other projects

4.       We would like to know whether all official documents (e.g., official registration and other documents) of the bidding entity have to be submitted in English. If this is the case: re officially verified translations required?

Response – It would be preferable if you can attach verified translations otherwise license, registration and related documents with local language are acceptable.