Geotechnical Investigation & Laboratory Testing / Road and Bridge Construction

China Communications Construction Company Invites Bids for Conducting a Geotechnical Investigation of 6 River Bridges of Total 12 Boreholes with Drilling the Boreholes with a Depth of 20m Each: Construction Works of BilaloKersa-Arsi Negele Road Project(92.844km) as the Detail Is Hereunder


Open National Competitive bidding for Foundation Investigation of Bridges.

Our company China Communications Construction Company have reached an agreement with Ethiopian Roads Authority for construction of Bilalo-KersaArsi Negele Road Project (92.844km).

CCCC hereby invites bids for conducting geotechnical investigation of 6 River bridges of total 12 Bore holes with drilling the boreholes with a depth of 20m each: Construction Works of BilaloKersa-Arsi Negele Road Project(92.844km) as the detail is hereunder.

  1. The bidders have to present valid Business License, Relevant professional practice certificates, Tax Clearance Certificate Tax Registration Certificate and Taxpayer Registration Certificate which states that the bidder can participate in any public tender and remains valid at bidding date.
  2. Eligible bidders are required to submit technical and financial original proposal in a separate sealed envelope before June 19/2020 G.C at 4:30 PM to our office (Address: Bole Sub city, Woreda 03, House No: 116, Atlas in front of Azzamn Hoel behind Food Zone)
  3.  Interested and eligible bidders may obtain a complete set of bidding documents by submitting official request through our e-mail address at with the attachment of the required documents listed in Article 1.
  4. CCCC will not be responsible for any costs/ expenses incurred by the bidders in connection with site visits, preparation and delivery of bids.
  5.  CCCC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids without giving any reason.
  6. Interested and eligible bidders may obtain further information by Tel: +251 932320709 1+251 980383162 or email shown above.