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China Communication Construction Company Would Like To Work in Cooperation with Companies That Have Experience in Community Mobilization

 Open Bid Notice

Pursuant to the contract made by our company China Communication Construction Company with Ethiopian Road Authority with regard to HIV Prevention works of the Kombolcha Industrial Park Access Road Works Project, we would like to work in cooperation with companies that have experience in community mobilization Accordingly, companies that meet the following requirements are invested to submit your bid competition documents.

  1. Business license renewed as per the law of Ethiopia, value added tax and other legal documents
  2. One year or more experience in HIV prevention related works and has to submit the relevant evidence
  3. Shall have to submit a detail work planning with regard to HIV prevention works
  4. Based on the work schedule underline on the technical specification documents, identifying the personnel that shall be engaged on the work and attached curriculum vitae.
  5. The submitted ideas shall be comprised on Covid 19 pandemic prevention advice and imposed restriction measures.
  6. One original and one photocopy technical and financial bid documents sealed in separate envelope and the name, bid number and address of the company shall be written on the envelope.
  7.  Shall have to add here the procedures issued by the Ethiopian Roads Authority to perform the HIV learning and examination work.

Bidders that meet the above mentioned requirements shall have to appear in person at the Kombolcha Industrial park access road project where our company is located within seven consecutive days after this notice is posted on a newspaper in order to submit the bid document.

If you need more information, you can contact us through 0975 39 02 41 and 0910 00 78 59

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