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Chemical & Constriction Input Industry Development Institute (CCIIDI) Invites Sealed Bids from Interested Eligible Bidders for the Purchase Of: Energy Audit &Laboratory, Equipment’s & Instruments (18 Items), Harvesting, Transporting & De-rooting Machineries-to Produce Biomass,Loading Bailed Biomass on the Transport Trucks, Weakley Talky Radios,Biomass Bailing System or Use in 2012 E.C Budget Year

Invitation for Bid No 03/2012 

Chemical & Constriction Input Industry Development Institute (CCIIDI) invites sealed bids from interested eligible bidders for the Purchase of: 

  • Lot 01 Energy Audit & Laboratory, Equipment’s & Instruments (18 Items) 
  • Lot 02 Harvesting, Transporting & De-rooting Machinery-to produce Biomass. 
  • Lot 03 Loading bailed biomass on the transport trucks. 
  • Lot 04 Walkie Talkie Radios. 
  • Lot 05 Biomass Bailing system or use in 2012 E.C budget year. 

Therefore, CCIIDI now invites all International (local) registered suppliers for bidding to supply those items indicated above. 

Interested bidders shall submit the following evidence: 

1. Business organization registration certificate, trade license, and other necessary testimonials issued by the Country of the establishment; 

  • For local bidders, Registered in the Public Procurements & Property Administration Agency web site (, Tax Clearance Certificate including bidding date from Inland Revenue Administration, Renewed Trade License for the current year 2012E.C. and VAT & TIN Registration Certificates. 
  • For non-local/foreign/bidders, registration certificate, or trade license issued by the country of establishment. 
  • Those non-local/Foreign/ bidders who want to bid through the local agents, the power of attorney issued by them (the suppliers) must be authenticated by Authentication and Registration of Documents Office of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the FDRE. 

2. The bidding should be conducted through the International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedure and is open to all eligible bidders as specified and defined in the bidding document. 

3. Bidders shall submit two envelopes “Technical proposal and bid security” in one envelope and “Financial Proposal” separately in another envelope. One original and one copy for both technical and financial proposals. 

4. The bid document shall be obtained from our procurement office room No.11 against payment of a non-refundable fee of Birr 100.00 during office hours. 

5. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information at the office of the CCIIDI procurement office room No 11, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Tele. 0116394127,0911131445, 0910198794 FAX 251-1-11-6394095. 

6. The bid must be accompanied by a bid bond Lot 01 Birr 200,000.00 Lot 02 500,000.00, 03 100,000.00 & Lot 04 20,000.00 in the form of cash or CPO or Bank Guarantee. The insurance bond is not acceptable. 

7. All eligibility certificate cited in No.1 should be found in the original technical envelope, and are placed in the tender box on or before the final bid submission date. 

8. Bids must be deposited in the tender box prepared for this purpose on or before 2:00 pm local time on Jun 10, 2020. 

9.Bides will be opened on the same date at 2:15 pm local time in the presence of bidders and/or their official representatives. 

10. CCIIDI reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.