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CGCOC Group Co. LTD Seeks Consultancy Service To Prepare a Detailed Plan To Monitor the Implementation of the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Activities and the Impacts of the Proposed Roadwork During Construction and After Completion

CGCOC group Co. LTD 

General STD and HIV/AIDS 

Alleviation Campaign 

This Division covers matters, which relate to the General STD and HIV/AIDS alleviation measures to be undertaken by the Contractor to all the workers and the community along the road corridor. For this purpose, the Contractor shall assign a specialist Sub-Contractor who can carry out the above services and have experience of at least three (3) years in the last five years working in a community in collaboration with the Community and local organization on HIV/AIDS. The experience and qualification of the sub-contractor shall be approved by the Engineer/ Client (ERA) prior to assigning him to the Work. 

  1. The Contractor is expected to carry out knowledge Attitude and practice (KAP) on the current status of HIV (AIDS epidemic in the project road areas including the project influenced areas. The target population of the project shall include all the workers and the community along the road corridor. Based on the KAP survey finding the Contractor shall revise the action plan and implement after the approval of the client 
  2. The Contractor shall prepare an action plan for the period of the service, management, and monitoring plans. A detailed plan shall be prepared to monitor the implementation of the HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities and the impacts of the proposed roadwork during construction and after completion. The Contractor should define a few indicators of prevention and control performance activities that can be monitored on a regular basis and also indicate the different eligible stakeholders in place to monitor the activities. 
  3. The Contractor shall submit an activity focused budget break down and result-focused proposal as well as to be ready to hand over activities to the target to assure sustainability. 
  4. The Contractor shall implement the STD and HIV/AIDS alleviation measures at the project campsites and those communities along the road corridor based on the Government strategic plan 
  5. The Contractor shall work on awareness raising activities, establish and train peer educators & Anti AIDS Committees based on the number of the beneficiaries. 
  6. The Contractor shall provide information, education and communication (IEC) campaign about HIV/AIDS and STD to the project staff and the host communities (communities with the road influenced zones) at convenient places, for instance, a Base camp_ Satellite camp etc, at least every two month. The Contractor shall also put posters, dispatches leaflets and pamphlets. The pamphlets, leaflets and brochures shall be prepared in the respective project roads area community language (i.e. widely spoken language) for easy communication and information sharing. In occasions of IEC campaigns on HIV/AIDS to the roads communities. The Contractor shall take the opportunities to undertake sensitization of the community on environment and road safety issues to ensure sustainability. 
  7. The Contractor shall give Voluntary Counseling to the beneficiaries and establish referral system with nearest Governmental and Non Governmental health institutions and shall pay for voluntary counseling and Testing Services and pay for treatment of opportunistic infections. 
  8. The Contractor shall establish network with health institutions (local Government, NGOs, Community Based Organizations, Faith Based Organization, Association, etc) working onHIV/AIDS. 
  9. The Contractor shall make available at least too condoms per year for each members of the above construction staff and the host community, The condoms shall be of the male and female types, which shall be provided in accordance with gender of the recipient. The condoms shall comply with the respective current WHO/UN AIDS specification and guidelines. 
  10. For care and support/nutritional supplement/not less than 200 birr per month for each worker living with HIV/AIDS has to be included in the project action plan. 
  11. The Contractor, in collaboration with the Consultant, shall celebrate the “World HIV/AIDS Day” on December every year and prepare and incorporate all activities carried out on this day in a monthly or quarterly report. 
  12. The Contractor shall prepare monthly and quarterly reports and submit to the engineer and the client based on the format prepared by the client. 
  13. The Contractor shall closely work with the Consultant and client (ERA) and shall liaise with the representative of the Woreda Health Office and HAPCO. 
  14. The Contractor, as part of the contract. shall recruit a sociologist as a coordinator, a nurse as a councilor and an animator who can speak the local language and deploy in the field. The personnel shall have the following qualifications. 

1. Sociologist 

General Qualification 

  • A min. BA degree in Sociology/Social Anthropology Adequacy for the assignment 
  • At least 3 years on HIV/AIDS prevention and control program 
  • Knowledge of Computer Application Software 
  • Fluency in English 

2. Nurse

  • General Qualification 
  • A min. Diploma from Medical College Adequacy for the assignment 
  • At least 2 years on HIV/AIDS prevention and control program 
  • Knowledge of Computer Application Software 
  • Fluency in English 

3. Animator 

  • General Qualification 
  • 12 Grade Complete 
  • Adequacy for the assignment 
  • Experience on HIV/AIDS prevention and control program 
  • Knowledge of Computer Application Software 
  • Fluency in English 
  • Fluency in Local Language 

15. The Contractor, at the end of the project duration, shall hand over all accomplished and started activities to the local health offices or other organizations working on the same procedurally. 

CGCOC group Co. LTD