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Centers for International Programs Inc (CIP) Would Like To Invite Capable Bidders for the Supply Video Colposcopy,Thermal Avaition Machine


Centers for International Programs Inc (CIP) would like to invite capable bidders for the supply of the following medical equipment :






Video Colposcopy

Power input: accepts 220 Volt Picture quality: high Definition, more than or equal to 2 M pixels (WHO recommendation), 1x – 40x zoom magnification

Extra-bright: multi-point LED light source, Ultra-bright visualization, Long life cycle

Ergonomic design: allows to conduct hands-free procedures (e.g. LEEP and thermal ablation treatment) at the same time, A stand with a rolling base and swing arms

Built-in video capability: compatible with any computers, LED TVs connected with HDMI or VGA wire display; Hence no additional monitor Additional qualities: Ultra-fast autofocus technology, Manual focus option, Image freeze button, Green light filter button

Data management software: compatible data management software with desktop

Warranty: ensure warranty at least for two years

NB: with operating manual and preventive maintenance video in English

6 pcs


Thermal Aviation machine

Portable and lightweight design:

dimension and weight: Width 4 cm,

height 20 cm and weight 240 gm

Probes and tips: exchangeable probes that heat quickly (8 seconds) with Multiple tips with different sizes (16 mm flat, 19 mm pointed tips and 25 mm pointed tips), Autoclavable.

Automated procedure timing: with visual and auditable indication, no external watch and timer required LED illumination: light source to visualize cervix

Choice of power source: battery Thermal powered with rechargeable battery ablation which accepts 220 volt (with recharging machine apparatus),

Activation: membrane switch functions, On /off control button, Blue timing light and yellow low battery light, Audible indicator

Operating conditions: ambient temperature (at least 10-40°c), Relative humidity: (0-80% non-condensing) Handle: Ergonomically designed Additional Features: fast thermal ablation (20 sec and 100°C default), has heat protection and can undergo high-level disinfection Warranty: ensure warranty at least for two years

200 pcs

Bids must be received by CIP at address specified here below not later than 10:00 am August 7, 2020.

Centers for International Programs Inc. 

Kirkos Sub City, Kebele 05/06/07

House no. 021 (Debrezeit Road)

Tel: 011-4674476 Po. Box: 5566, Addis Abba 

CIP reserves the right to accept or reject the bid, at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders or any obligation to inform the affected bidder or bidders of the grounds for the CIP’s action.