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Bid Announcement for Procurement of 2pcs of Bajaj 3-seater and 2 Pcs of 20KVA/ / 15KW Generator

Bid Announcement for Procurement of 2pcs of Bajaj 3-seater and 2 pcs of 20KVA/ / 15KW Generator

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit ‘’GIZ Office Addis Ababa’’ would like to invite all local interested & eligible Bajaj & Generator suppliers to submit their technical and financial offers for the supply of 2pcs of Bajaj 3-seaters and 2pcs of 20KVA/ 15KW Generators  

  •          Bid reference number:     91139219
  •          Deadline for submission: _28.05.2020; 4:00PM

Any eligible local Bajaj & Generator supplier which might be interested in accepting the GIZ-Office proposal for supplying the items is welcome to submit the offers.  Those who are interested to be the one, the detail specification is described more fully at awashtenders site link :

or  you can come and collect the same specification at GIZ-Office reception desk located in Kasanchis, back of Intercontinental Hotel.


Please submit the offer technical, price & warranty within sealed envelope, labelling bid reference No: 91139219 direct to GIZ Office Addis Ababa reception desk located at Kasanchis, back of Intercontinental Hotel.

Special conditions: –

  • Supplier should have a valid TIN, VAT & renewed business license.
  • Pleases submit technical, financial offers and warranty separately in a sealed envelope.
  • Please indicate that the price offer is before OR after 15% VAT
  • Please indicate transport & loading unloading cost at INVEA Office back of Black Lion Hospital .

·         Validity date of your offer should be 30 to 60 days

·         Please indicate the delivery time in your offer

·         Payment shall be made 100% upon delivery

For any clarifications, kindly contact GIZ-Office through the below addresses  

Email  OR telephone: +251-11 518 0200/01/03