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BBC Media Action Is Looking for a Performing Arts/acting Agency Which Can Provide Actors and Actresses for Audiovisual Productions.

Call for Actors Actress Agency 


BBC Media Action has started a GAC funded project which aims to reach mass populations, especially women and girls with information that enables them to take action to protect themselves and others from Covid-19 infection and cope with the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. 


BBC Media Action is looking for a performing arts/acting agency which can provide Actors and Actresses for Audiovisual productions. The agency, upon prior notice from BBC Media Action, is expected to ensure the availability of Actors and Actress for audition and casting. 


  • Actors should be from local community and must have deeper understanding of the culture, custom and value of the respective community Language as per the request from BBC MA 
  • Ability to communicate clearly and convey information effectively 
  • Ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences interpret and analyse roles, work well in teams, and incorporate comments 
  • Applicants should have the experience of acting in a radio or television dramas or on theatres Ability to entertain with good sense of humour 


  • Application submitted will not be revealed to any other applicants. 
  • All documents submitted are solely used for the purpose of evaluating. 


Applicants must declare any interest financial or otherwise, direct, or indirect, which may affect the impartiality of any obligations which the successful Tenderer owes to BBC Media Action. Tenderers should notify BBC Media Action at the time of submitting a Tender if they consider there to be a conflict of interest. 


BBC Media Action will notify the successful applicant(s) in writing. If agreement is reached with the successful applicant, then BBC Media Action will notify the unsuccessful applicant(s) as soon as is reasonably practical 


The offering of inducement of any kind in relation to obtaining this or any other contract with BBC Media Action will automatically disqualify and may constitute a criminal offence. Application 

Interested agencies should send updated company profile, CV with relevant experience, financial proposal per actor/actress, renewed business license and TIN to Info@et.bbcmediaaction  . org/bethel.chekole@et  Until September 14, 2020. Application can also be submitted in person BBC Media Action, Addis Ababa, Chechnya road next to Caravan Hotel. 

If you have any question, please call on 

Tel: +251944202972