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Bank of Abyssinia (BoA) Would Like To Invite Capable & Interested Bidders for Supply of Card Issuance Machine, Personalization Cards and Issuance Solution Including Integration and Implementation Work

Invitation to International Competitive Bid(ICB) 

Bid Ref. No. BoA/PD/ICB-0-01/2020/21 

Bank of Abyssinia (BoA) would like to invite capable & interested bidders for supply of Card Issuance Machine, Personalization Cards and Issuance Solution including Integration and Implementation work based on the following list of requirements. 


Description of Goods and Related Services 

Unit of Measurement and Quantity 






Central Issuance Machines 




Instance Issuance Machines 




Personalization Cards (Visa Dual Interface, White label & Dual interface 

white label cards) 



2 Million


Central Issuance Solution 




Instance Issuance Solution 




Integration and Implementation of the solution, all three types of Cards and 

the central & issuance machine. 




All capable bidders are invited to participate and submit their technical and financial proposals with due consideration of the following requirements: 

1. Bidding: 

a. Bidding will be conducted through International Competitive Bidding procedure of the Bank and is open to all eligible bidders. 

b. The bid document shall be collected from Bank of Abyssinia Procurement Department, located at Meskel Square area, Sunshine Building 1st floor, against payment of nonrefundable fee of ETB Birr 200.00 (Two Hundred) on working hour, (Monday to Friday 8:00AM-12:00PM; 1:00 PM-4:30PM and Saturday 8:00 AM-12:00 PM) starting from August 18, 2020. 

c. Eligible bidders may submit their bids in their own names only. The bids must be accompanied by a Bid Bond of USD 5,000.00 (Five Thousand USD) or Equivalent amount of Ethiopian Birr. The Bid bond must be in the form of unconditional Bank Guarantee or Cash Payment Order (C.P.O.) in favor of Bank of Abyssinia S.C, in any other form is not acceptable. 

d. The technical & financial proposal should be submitted in a separate envelop with one copy each. 

e. Bid security should be in a separate envelop and be submitted together with the technical envelop. 

f. All bids must be deposited in the tender box prepared for this purpose at Bank of Abyssinia, Procurement Department, during office hours before September 23, 2020, at 10:00 A.M at the place mentioned above. 

g. The bid will be opened on September 23, 2020, at 10:30 A.M in the presence of bidders and/or their official representatives who wish to attend at the place mentioned above. 

2. Notices: 

a. Bids submitted by bidders which do not meet the above mentioned requirements shall be rejected without further notice. 

b. The bank demands strict adherence to deadlines and Bids submitted beyond the final submission date will not be considered. 

c. The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject the bid either partially or fully. 

d. For additional information bidders can contact by Tel. +251-115584271, +251-115584462, +251-118-689476, E-mail – 

Bank of Abyssinia 

Procurement Department