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ASSET Project Is Looking for a Competent Short Video Producer for the Recording and Production of 12 Videos on Clinical Communication Skill in a Maximum 5 Minutes Video Clip

 Invitation to  Bid

Terms of Reference for the Production of short videos


The ASSET project (health system strengthening in sub-Saharan Africa) is a CDT-Africa project to improve access to quality health care, particularly in the areas of primary care, maternal care, and surgical care. As part of that effort, we are working with the Federal Ministry of Health of  Ethiopia to develop a training program in clinical communication skills for Primary Health Care workers. ASSET project is looking for a competent short video producer for the recording and production of 12 videos on clinical communication skills in a maximum 5 minutes video clip.


Objective: To produce videos on clinical communication skills for Primary Health Care workers which will be used for training purposes The videos should be produced in Amharic based on the scripts provided by the project, at the highest market quality standards, with high definition.

The video production i.e. filming and editing should be done by the contractor, delivering a final ready-to-air product in broadcast standards. ASSET project will organize the script and content for recording.

The conversation should be clearly audible and the expressions on the faces of both health worker and the patient should be clearly visible

The videos should be suitable for viewing on a smartphone or tablet.

The entire development and production process will be closely monitored by staff assigned by the ASSET project, providing a continuous review, comments and thematic inputs support as needed.


The contractor will deliver the following:

Raw footages;

First cut of the video for comments and make necessary editing and/or reshoot scenes following feedback from stakeholders;

The Production which should be available in Amharic with sub-titles in Amharic at a broadcast quality; Soft copies of the final video to be delivered in the file size fit for email and online sharing


The assignment is to be delivered within a month from the signing of a contractual agreement


ASSET project reserves the right to terminate the contract, withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, if work/output is incomplete, not delivered, or for failure to meet deadlines. In the event of the producer ending the contract prior to delivering all agreed-upon products, a portion of the payments shall be returned to the ASSET project.


There will be a two-step selection process. Based on the following evaluation criteria, where the shortlisted team with the highest points will be invited to carry on the task:

  1. The expertise of the company: DVD samples of previous works of similar nature as well as a full list of productions completed and in process, including references from previous clients: 40%.
  2. Proposed methodology: approach (creative and innovative ideas) and brief implementation plan with a proposed timeframe for pre-production and post-production: 40%.
  3. Financial proposal: break-down of all estimated costs, including estimated days of shooting, production team, days of editing, etc.20%


Payment will be made after successful delivery of the final videos,


The Bid to be submitted shall by the Bidder shall consist of two independently sealed parts: i) a technical proposal, and ii) a detailed budget category (preparation, production, post-production and  other).

All bids need to be submitted within five working days after the announcement, until 17:00h in  print version, in person to the Procurement Unit, CDT-Africa Office, College of Health Sciences, Addis Ababa University.

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