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Amhara Forest Enterprise (AFE) Desires To Hire a Competent Organization To Provide the Services of Supply, Installation, Configuration, Operation and Maintenance of GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet and Fuel Management System

For three time Request Proposal 

RFP Title: Supply, Installation, configuration, Operation and Maintenance of GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet and Fuel Management System by two stage bidding Description: With this Request for Proposal (RFP), Amhara Forest Enterprise (AFE) desires to hire a competent organization to provide the services of Supply, Installation, configuration, Operation and Maintenance of GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet and Fuel Management System, in the AFE Headquarter, branch offices as detailed in the Bidding Document. 

  1.  Interested bidders shall submit the following evidence; (a) Tin certificate of registration (b) If the price of the service above 200,0000.00 Two hundred thousand birr/VAT (Value Added Tax Registration certificate) is required. (c) Renewed Trade license for Authorized Conceming bodies. (d) The bidder is required to have records of high quality outputs on similar organization studies. 
  2. Bidders should submit their offer sealed envelope as per the instruction to the bid before the closing date of the tender that is 15 consecutive days up to 8:00 P.M (at local time) after the first announcement this bid on The Ethiopian Herald 
  3. Technical proposal shall be opened at Amhara Forest Enterprise Head Office at Bahir Dar in the presence of bidders or their legal Representatives, at 8:30 PM (at local time) the day of the closing date. If the opening day of the bid falls out of a working day, it would be postponed to the next day the same time. Bid document can be obtained from Amhara Forest Enterprise head office at Bahir Dar during office working hours against a nonrefundable fee ETB 100/ one hundred birr/ from the first date of the issuance of this bid on The Ethiopian Herald 
  4. This RFP follows the AFE standard bidding document of Supply, Installation, configuration, Operation and Maintenance of GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet and Fuel Management System. 
  5. Bidding will be conducted using the national Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedures specified in the AFE directive, and is open to all Bidders from eligible source countries as defined in the guidelines. Minimum qualification requirements: a) Bidders: 
  • Must have been operational in the vehicle tracing and fleet management industry for at least 4 (four) consecutive years.
  • Must have implemented GPS Vehicle Tracking, Fleet and Fuel Management System in at least 4 (four) industry.
  • Must be partner of and authorized by the Product Vendor for execution of this Project and subsequent services.
  • Can’t be attach on this document CPO and financial /biders are allowed to attach technical document only l. 

b) The bidder should provide the following documents: 

  • Company Profile and Experience Summary, Client Reference Contact Information including Address, Telephone, Facsimile, Email of the proposed software, supporting hardware, system software, network, and communication facilities:
  • Project completion certificate from Customers of the referred projects indicating functions and number of transactional users in each project
  • MAF for the hardware and software
  • Speed limiter competence Certificate Transport Authority 

c) Experts Curriculum Vitae (CV): 

  • Bidder must propose a core project management team composed of experienced experts, who will assume overall responsibility for the implementation of this project.
  • The key staff members proposed for the project are full time (career) employees of the Bidder. Bidder must provide a detailed staffing plan including resumes for the project director, project manager, lead specialists, and key personnel.
  • Key Technical staff must have a minimum of 4(four) years’ experience on similar projects. 

d) Bidder MUST provide Project completion certificate from Customers of the referred projects indicating number of vehicle tracking project with the number of vehicles in each project to demonstrate its experience and capabilities in similar projects. 

e) Bidders that do not fulfill the above minimum qualification requirements will be rejected. 

6. For Every amendment and Notice in the bid, Bidders should check our internal notice board until closing date and announcement of bid evaluation result. 

7. Address Amhara Forest Enterprise, Tel. 058-220-52-35/ 058 -220-03-74/058226-49-61 P.O.Box. 1775 Kebele 14, Argawiyan Building Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. 

The Amhara Forest Enterprise