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Addis Ababa City Government Public Procurement and Disposal Agency Needs To Buy New Developed Software on Integrated Land Management System (ILMS) by Using International Competitive Bid (ICB)

Addis Ababa City Government Public 

Procurement and Property Disposal Agency 

Addis Ababa city government public procurement and disposal agency needs to buy newly developed software on integrated land management system (ILMS) by using international competitive Bid (ICB) for land development and management bureau on behalf of Addis Ababa city government science and technology agency. Any bidder who is interested in this bid should be considering the following key points; 

  1. The Scope of the project is software development, hardware installation, configuration testing and commissioning 
  2. The bidder should have 10 years ‘establishment life time and successfully completed at least three (3) projects for the last 5 consecutive business years. 
  3. Bidders can be participating sole, joint venture or consortium and by agent 
  4. Any interested bidders can buy the bid document from the AAPPPDA finance directorate at 6th floor room no. 606 paying non-refundable 300.00 ETB from May 22/2020 up to July 5/2020 working days. 
  5. The bid closing and opening date is July 6, 2020 G.C at a time 11:00 am and 11:30AM (morning) respectively. 
  6. The floating time should be 45 consecutive days starting from May 22/2020. 
  7. Any bidder should be accompanied bid security 500,000 ETB or equivalent USD or EURO by CPO or unconditional bank guarantee with 120 days validity period with possible extend time for 28 days. 
  8. AAPPPDA reserves the right to reject the bid partially or in full if there is better alternative. 

For further information, please call: +251-11-557-3170/+251-11-557-95-53 

Addis Ababa city Government public 

procurement and Property disposal agency