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Adama City Administration Has Announced for Procurement of Asphalt Road Construction on the Back of Aba Geda Road and in Front of Goro School and Gravel Road from Expressway To (0+000-1+700& 0+000 – 1+200)and from 40m To Bole Preparatory School


Adama City Administration has announced for procurement of Asphalt road construction on the back of Aba Geda Road and in front of Goro School and Gravel road from Expressway to (0+000-1+700& 0+000 – 1+200)and from 40m to Bole preparatory school. Under procurement method of ICB(International Competitive bidding on Addis Zemen Magazine on Sept. 29/2020 to be posted for 30 consecutive days. Here we are amending the opening date to take place after 45 consecutive days after the first notice is posted. The opening date shall take place at the same place and time mentioned earlier.

Adama City Administration