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Adama City Administration Finance and Economic Development Office Invites Qualified Consultants To Land Fill Design, Asset Management Plan Study and Drainage Network Master Plan Study

Request of Expressions of Interest

Procurement Reference Number:

  • A. Land Fill Design Procurement No = Adama/UIIDP/Cons2/2021
  • B. Asset Management Plan Study Procurement No Adama/UIIDP/Cons3/2021
  • C. Drainage Network Master Plan Study Procurement No Adama/UIIDP/Cons4/2021
  1. Adama city administration Finance and Economic Development office invites qualified Consultants’ that have relevant experience and valid license for the current fiscal year; interested competent firm required to submit sealed technical documents for the consultancy services of the above-mentioned projects independently.
  2. The service includes detailed design, preparation of the tender documents, preparation of BOQ for the design. Detailed tasks will be specified in the terms of reference and request for proposals to be provided to the shortlisted firms.
  3. Consulting firms should be registered by an appropriate federal or regional body, with a minimum of 4 years general experience and performing at least 2 assignments of similar or related nature and volume. The short listing criteria are general experience of the firm, relevant experience on similar assignments, availability of appropriate staff, skills, practical work experience of staff, equipment, and adequate financial resource to manage the contract but not limited. Consultants can associate to enhance their qualification/performance)
  4. Domestic consultant’s team members understanding this assignment shall have minimum of master’s degree with adequate and relevant practical work experience on the assignment and a mix of professionals (Architect /Architect urban planner, civil engineers, electrical engineer, sanitary engineer, landscape architect, electromechanical engineer, environmental engineer, quantity Surveyor and surveyor, project administrator and all other required professionals.
  5. Interested firms must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, resume of the firm’s description of similar assignments, experience in similar works with supporting letters, general qualification and number of key staff with their practical experience of similar projects and so forth) consultants may associate to enhance their qualification and provides renewed trade license for the year, supplier certificate, tax identification, and VAT registration certificate, from the mandated public body
  6.  Interested consultancy firms must submit their interest of expression of technical documents to the address below along with documentary evidence; must be submitted in hard copy following 15th calendar days starting from the announcement date on the newspaper and bid closed on 10 A.M and opened at 10:30 A.M on the same day at Mayor office Hall. Late  submissions shall be rejected
  7. The city Administration reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to annul the bidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to award of contract.

Adama City Administration Manager Office; ULGDP Section

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fax 0461106513 Adama Ethiopia

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