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Acts of Compassion AOC Invites Sealed Bids from Eligible and Qualified and Legal Drilling Company, Types and Specifications of the Shallow Well Drilling of Two Deep Shallow Well, Well Logging, Indian Mark II Pump Installation with Galvanized Pipe and Observation Pipe, Gravel Packing and Development, Sanitary and Protection Works, Water Quality Test and Reporting Site/location: Farawocha_kebele and Gamo Walana Kebele, of Boloso Bombe Woreda of Wolayita Zone,



Acts of Compassion (AOC) is Non Governmental organization (NGOs) have been working different WASH and other development projects in Boloso Bombe Woreda, Wolaitta Zone by the financial support of Ayuda en Accion. Therefore, AOC now invites sealed bids from eligible and qualified and legal drilling company, Types and specifications of the Shallow Well: Drilling of two deep Shallow well, Well logging, Indian mark II pump Installation with galvanized pipe and observation pipe, Gravel packing and development, Sanitary and protection works, Water quality test and reporting Site/location: Farawocha_kebele and Gamo Walana Kebele, of Boloso Bombe Woreda of Wolayita Zone, 

Requirement of Bid Applicants 

  1. The necessary bid documents are required to be collected from our partner Ayuda en Accion Ethiopia Addis Ababa office, Gerji, Sami building, 2nd floor room number 201 or Acts of Compassion (AOC) Office, located in Wolayita_Sodo town (Tona building room number 5300, close to Abebe Zeleke Hotel) paying non-returnable ETB 200.00 (Two hundred). 
  2. Bidders should have relevant trade license renewed and valid for the year 2020, VAT registration certificate, TIN certificate and suppliers registration certificate and good work performance letter/certificate from the recent employer/client. 
  3. The bid must be delivered wax sealed and addressed to Acts of Compassion(AOC) and submitted to Office stated under number 1 above. 
  4. Bidders must submit the TENDER QUESTIONNAIRE and the BID OFFER in separate envelopes in duplicate copies labeled as original and copy accompanied by a bid security in an acceptable form in the amount equivalent to 1% CPOs of the bid amount and must be delivered was – sealed to: 
  5. Bid will be closed at 3:30 pm on the 10 working day of the announcement and opened at 11″ day of announcement at 10:30 pm in the presence of bid ders or their legal representatives at Wolayita Sodo Town of Acts of Compassion Office Tona Building office No 5300 
  6. If the bid document submission day stated under number 5 is a public holy day, Saturday or Sunday, the opening will be carried out in the next working day at 10:30 am. 
  7. Acts of Compassion (AOC) reserves the right to cancel all or parts of the bid. 
  8. Interested bidders may obtain further information from Acts of Compassion. 0911361303. Address: P.O.Box 72 Areka Woliyta, Tele 0911361303, e-mail: