Supply of Materials for Improving RMNH Service Utilization in Delifagi Hospital Zone 5 Afar Region


RFQ Number:           RFQ-CVDA-MDM-0001

Description:   Supply of Materials for improving RMNH Service utilization in Delifagi

                                   Hospital Zone 5 afar region

RFQ Release Date:  April 26 2020

RFQ Closing Date:   May 6 2020

RFQ Closing Time: 12.00 PM

Project  #MdMGe: 3004 SZE

Common Vision for Development Association/CVDA/ is soliciting offers for the supply of tangible goods described in the attached pages. CVDA is implementing partner of MdM Germany in project called “Improving of Mother and Child Health by supporting Referral Hospital Dalifage in the Afar Region, Zone 5, Ethiopia” and want to procure the following materials.

Supply of Materials

Interested Bidders may collect RFQ document from CVDA until May 5, 2020 from head office and must submit the bid before May 6, 2020 12.00 PM to CVDA Procurement by hand with required document to CVDA head office Kolfekeraniyo sub city Woreda 9 Bekele Eshete tower 5th floor Office number 504 which is located on ring road from Torhayloch to Total near to Minaye Building.